About the company

“During its more than a 15-year history, the company has become one of the largest in the Krasnoyarsk region – one of the richest forest region in Russia. Currently the group consists of logging and timber processing enterprises, as well as the distributional companies. Products are sold not only domestically but also in Europe, China, Japan, Egypt, Turkey and other. An important stage of development of the “KLM” Group was the acquisition in 2008 of LTD «KoDOK», it resulted in increase in total production capacity up to 310 thousand m³ of lumber per year. The refocusing on the deep processing of timber made JSC “KLM Co” the larger producer of laminated products in the region. Now, I personally, and all employees are proud of our achievements. "KLM" Group is experience, technology and prospects”.


Currently, the group of companies, "KLM" includes companies providing a closed production cycle, from harvesting and before the construction of houses from glued beams "turnkey". Recently, the Group's investment companies, "KLM" is mainly focused on increasing the depth of processing of wood, is constantly active work on development projects.


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