Furniture board (blockboard)

Is a natural, environmentally friendly material that is suitable for making furniture and as a finishing material. Furniture board has several advantages: durability, strength, made from natural wood, an environmentally safe material. Furniture board (Blockboard) is widely used for the manufacture of furniture and interior (table tops, window sills, stairs, etc.). It is a glued together strips of wood, bonded both in length and width (spliced furniture board). Splicing is open, by selecting the color of slats. The length of the slats - no less than 150 mm, bonding with environmentally harmless glues on the automated line of hot pressing. Further, furniture panels are cut out of a strictly defined geometry and subjected to grinding.

Sizes manufactured boards: Thickness: from 18 to 50 mm Width: 1200 mm Length: 5000 mm. Tangental or groove.

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