The group companies of “KLM”  was launched in 1992 by the creation of a joint Russian-Belgian venture company JSC “KLM”, engaged in lumbering and delivery of lumber for export. In years 1994-1995 the new plant was constructed, it is currently belongs to JSC "KLM Co” and is its main production base. The plant was built from scratch. Now JSC “KLM Co” is one of the largest forest companies in Krasnoyarsk region. It is the managing company of a group of forestry enterprises. Currently, the group of companies "KLM" includes logging and timber processing enterprises, as well as the distributional companies. In 2002, the “KLM” Group was the first among the Krasnoyarsk forest companies which has opened a representative office in China, it is located in the heart of Beijing.

Since the beginning of production in 1993 till 2007 “KLM” Group has constantly grown in volumes of wood processing (export shipment and lumbering). Since 2008 the company changed its strategy from the export of raw timber to the production of processed products (lumber and glued timber products). In year 2009 it significantly increased the volume of production of window frame beam and a furniture board, started production of sets for the construction of houses from glued beam. The growing demand for wooden construction, not only in Krasnoyarsk region, resulted in opening in the summer of 2010 of a new glued beam processing  final stage shop, where the sets for construction are made.






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